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Please note weave It do not offer nonwoven and is only a manufacturer and supplier of woven fabrics


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Established in 1990, Weave It is one of South Africas leading textile manufacturers offering more than 25 years of skills, training and experience. We pride ourselves in offering top quality, service and affordability. Weave It is a manufacturer of various fabrics for use in applications as diverse as filtration materials, outdoor, curtaining, lining, art materials, upholstery, etc. The Company provides polypropylene material for dust; oil and wax filtration. We supply polyester material for use in tenting and also supply 100% cotton canvas for durable-use items.

This fully rounded service ensures we are one of the leading industrial fabric manufacturers South Africa has to offer. Weave It supplies to heavy industry such as mining and manufacture as well as the more delicate applications such as the art and fashion industry. Our enterprise is comfortable producing fabric for diverse markets and uses. We are chief amongst the cotton manufacturers South Africa has to offer.

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