Technical fabric testing is important as it is designed to ensure that all the necessary specifications are met and to allow for the distribution of high-quality materials. Here, the professionals at Weave It have compiled a list of thing you never knew about technical fabric testing.

1. During the testing process, the fabric air permeability is tested. This is important when it refers to fabrics utilised for a particular purpose such as the construction of a tent.
2. At Weave It, we put the Shirley Air Permeability Tester to good use.

3. The international specifications for technical fabric testing are regulated by ASTM International as well as ISO (the international organisation for standardisation.

4. Cotton is actually just a single elongated fibre.

5. When examined under a microscope linen fibre resembles bamboo, while silk fibres are straight and smooth.

6. A multitude of finishing techniques are employed to create the different appearances of polyester.

7. During the testing process, all aspects of a fabric will be tested from breaking and tearing strength to pilling susceptibility and the fabric’s ability to resist abrasion.

Technical fabric testing plays a vital role in the textile industry and is performed in order to detect any faults within the composition of the textile. Contact the experts at Weave It with any queries and we will be happily and efficiently assist you in any conceivable way, all you need to do is send us an email at or give us a call on (031) 705 4171 without delay.