Many people have questions when it comes to industrial fabric manufacturers in South Africa, and the processes they employ when manufacturing their fabrics. This industry is a fascinating sector, which plays a significant role in South Africa’s economy. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions with regards to fabric manufacturing in South Africa.

What Are Low Impact Dyes?

Traditional printing and dyeing makes use of various toxins, including heavy metals. The process necessitates large quantities of water to wash out the residues. Using low impact dyes are considered more environmentally-friendly when compared with natural dyes, for many reasons.

How Are Fibres Arranged?

All textiles are made up of different fibres arranged in various ways in order to create the desired strength, appearance, texture and durability.

How Many Types of Fibres Are There?

There are four main categories of fibres, including:

• Natural fibres;
• Silk fibres;
• Plant fibres; and
• Man-made fibres.

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