When it comes to fabric testing, all products need to be tested to ensure critical end-use specifications are met. As fabric manufacturers are dependent on the quality of the fabrics the produce to bolster their reputation in the marketplace, only the best quality will do. There are many technical aspects that go into fabric testing to ensure that the fabric meets stringent quality standards.

At Weave It, we have a cutting edge test laboratory that performs testing procedures on complete air permeability. This process forms the checking of volumes of air being able to pass through the fabric, as well as the product’s actual inspection to ensure that it meets quality standards. It is a critical practice for products that are used in filtration processes.

Technical Fabric Testing from Weave It

The fabric’s ability to pass air through is measured by its air permeability. The ease at which air passes through the fabric is important for various reasons, especially when the fabric is used for tents, industrial filters, parachutes, raincoat materials and down proof fabrics, as well as airbags.

We use the Shirley Air Permeability tester, which consists of an average of five tests performed on various samples. Air permeability of fabric is thus defined as the volume of air in millilitres passed through 10Os mm2 of the fabric at a pressure difference. To learn more about Weave it, and why we are considered one of the leading fabric manufacturers in South Africa, contact us today.