Here Is Why You Need to Be Using Cotton Duck Canvas

Cotton duck canvas is a plan weave canvas, which is tightly woven with exceptional durability. Artists enjoy making use of duck canvas for a variety of reasons, especially because it’s a sturdy and crease-free material. Its name originates from the Dutch origin “doek,” or linen canvas. In earlier times, linen canvas was used by sailors.

Once cotton was added, cotton duck’s uses further expanded. Today, it’s known for being strong, and sturdy enough to endure daily rough wear and tear. There are many benefits and advantages to using cotton duck canvas, some of which include:

• It’s a weather resistant material;
• It’s easy to sew with, and to dye;
• It’s a washing machine friendly material, requiring no special care;
• Its smooth surface, which effectively prevents tearing and snagging;
• After a few washes, it loses some of its stiffness, making it even easier to work with;
• It is burn resistant to a certain extent, which means a few sparks or some hot ash won’t be likely to do it any harm.

What Can Cotton Duck Canvas Be Used for?

Another benefit of using this incredible material is that cotton duck canvas can be used in a wide range of applications. Its lighter weight grade is used for:

• Tote bags;
• Slip covers;
• Laundry bags; and
• Fabric shower curtains, to name a few.

Even shoes are all examples of products made from cotton duck canvas. Its heavier weight grade is used in tents and hammocks, as well as outdoor awnings and boat covers, etc.

Here’s How You Can Distinguish Between Real Cotton Duck Fabric, and Fake Fabric

There are various ways you can distinguish between real cotton duck fabric, and fakes. Be on the lookout for the following:

• Real cotton duck fabric is heavy, and coarse to the touch;
• It’s made officially from 100% cotton, as other fabrics don’t have this quality;
• It also features longer and stronger fibres; and
• Based on its weight, you can easily tell the difference.

Before stopping by any fabric shop, ensure you check these characteristics in the cloth. Be sure you are getting your money’s worth, and receive what you’re paying for.