The little things that matter in life

Often, we want fabric, but do we really know what we want? 100% cotton, outdoor, industrial or upholstery material? The above mentioned are all comprised of textiles which are a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres (yarn of tread).  Long story short we’re told in life it is the little things that matter so why not start by buying the material best suited to your needs. Such wisdom hasn’t been lost on Weave It as we manufacture what you require. Over the past years we have transformed the ordinary to extraordinary embellishing upholstery, industrial and filtration fabrics, outdoor fabrics, 100% cotton canvases and even custom developed materials.


Deciding on a fabric can be hard, especially if you want it to be durable and right for the job. Here at Weave It we offer only the best advice and expertise to ensure that our customers leave satisfied. We offer a selection of fabrics with different attractive characteristics. Weave It is not only capable but also experienced in producing high-quality materials. Next, choosing the right size and textile information is of the essence. Not to worry if you don’t have it, we have a sourcing facility for textile requirements. Weave It provides our clients with data to ensure you get what you need.


We have a long history of great service and we are renowned for our quality products. If you require any assistance or want to learn more about us or our products you can speak to us today.