Due to various and enormous requests for textiles in fashion, decor, upholstery, bedding and curtain companies, the fabrics industry is on the rise when it comes to supply chains. We also stock to an assortment of independent businesses that deal with diverse uses of fabrics, not only limited to the above.

The fabrics industry is vast in what it can achieve and offer. By using 100% cotton, polyester or poly-cotton blends, at Weave It we ensure that our range of fabrics is available to the public for selection, also that the standard is quality and cater to a variety of uses in different fields of interest.

We guarantee that our customers are tailored with the right fabric, no matter if it is being used for the outdoors, bedroom or garments Our technical process is one that can be trusted. We have industrial machines that weave different materials, such as cotton and polypropylene, measuring the density, yarn and weight to monitor how they will function as a finished product. Every step of the way is as important as the primary steps in the fabric industry.

Identical methods of weaving is applied to our raw fabrics where the texture and thread count is treated very delicately. Each piece of fabric is customised to fit our customer’s expectations. Our customers are very important to us and thus we work very closely with our clients, noting their direction, look, feel and use of each fabric. In this industry, we have to not only be ahead of the game but be personally invested in what we do- as fabrics add to a huge percentage of companies.