Fabrics are a part of our everyday lives. Whether it is the clothes we wear, the bedding we sleep in, the covered car seats of our cars or upholstery, it forms an important part of our day. The manufacturing of cotton fabrics start with the preparation of the yearn for weaving or knitting. The second step in the production process involves joining these individual threads together, this is known as weaving. After the fabric is woven is ready for the final step; processing. The fabric you see on a daily basis such as fresh sheets or the clothes you wear isn’t the freshly woven product but rather what comes after. The fresh off the loom greige is discolored and full of impurities. This is cleaned before being transformed into useful textiles. It is treated and bleached based on the colour of the textile using a variety of chemicals and cleaners to remove wax, oils and other naturally occurring element in fibers. Afterwards it finally ready to be shipped to clothing and textile manufacturers.

Weave It, as the leading manufacturer of industrial fabrics in South Africa, uses material that are produced in a diverse range of applications from filtration materials, safety products, curtaining and lining as well as upholstery and clothing. At weave it we use the latest manufacturing processes and technologies and still keep our prices competitive. We are very proud of our long history of service in the industry and look forward to provide our customers with only the finest. To learn more about us, speak to us today.