Basic Tests of Textile Fabric tests are different depending on buyers’ requirements. All products need to be tested to ensure that the critical end-use specifications are met. As the leading fabric manufacturer in SA we are dependent on the quality fabrics produced. There are various tests done to know the precise content of the fabrics as well as the weight. Further tests are done to collect the yarn count, threads per unit length as well as testing for any defects.

Weave It, has the best testing procedures on complete air permeability. This checks the amount of air permitted to pass through the fabric as well as quality inspection. This is an essential practice used in the filtration process. We use a Shirley Air permeability tester, which consists of an average of five tests performed on various samples.

Fabric Inspection is an important aspect to avoid rejects due to fabric quality and facing with unexpected loss in manufacturing. Fabric inspection is done for various reasons such as defect rate, fabric construction, end to end or edge to edge shading, colour, hand or feel, length/width and appearance. Cutting inspected and approved fabric ensures not only finished fabric quality but also reduces rejects, improves efficiency and timely deliveries.

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