The New Year is here with exciting and innovative fabric trends. Taking a step back from the hectic pace of the digital age and going ‘back to the Basics’ to tackle the ‘time poverty’ it fosters, consumers are turning to reflective practices loving the natural imperfections the textiles bring. Authenticity is very much the order of the day, and it’s this theme that unites five natural-look fabric trends.

Wrinkled and undulating

Wrinkled textures are a range of crinkled and creased looks. The Wrinkled textures are also created through plissé effects, incorporating both synthetic and natural fibers. In a similar vein, pleats and plissé effects work to create rippling surfaces that bring water to mind.

Natural imperfections

This movement is all about a return to simplicity, inspiring textiles that celebrate all that is natural and authentic. From undyed and raw cotton and denim bases to natural, low-impact linens, it taps in to a look that is simple yet elegant. Organic, unprocessed and positively reveling in their natural imperfections. While yarns may appear raw at first glance, there’s a quiet preference for super soft finishes that takes the wearer by surprise.

Space dye and neps

The clever use of space dye instils lightweight knits with spotted pebble effects, mossy patterns and surfaces like speckled eggs. These effects, in slubbed bouclé and tactile plush, as well as nep constructions, form a key part of this trend. Playful, contemporary and confident, the versatility of printed yarns creates effects that vary from airy and ethereal to verdant and fresh. Colored neps also work to create broad, blurred, brush effects. Dappled effects bring spring sunshine to mind, while creams and pale browns recall the natural beauty of marble and stone.

Rustic reimagined

Younger generations are increasingly turning to the idylls of rural living wherever they happen to be, opting for organic groceries, ethically sourced products and sustainably farmed meat and fish. Light linens, complete with sun-faded finishes and hatched effects, subtly nod to a bygone era but with a refreshingly modern twist.

Other natural and vegetal fibers, including sensual hand-finished silks, also form part of this desire for authenticity and simplicity. Wool, cashmere and alpaca are popular too, and numerous organizations worldwide are working to put animal rights and environmentally friendly practices at the top of the agenda when it comes to production. Denim rediscovered

Denim has always captured cool yet casual. Textured plain materials feel soft to the touch and well-worn to the eye.


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