Winter is upon us, the nights are getting darker, the days shorter and colder. The cold winter days seem unbearable to get out of bed but you don’t need to sleep till summer. Not with the best range of warm fabrics to keep out the chilly winds.
This fabric is lightweight, warm and comes in a great range of stunning colors. The composition and dense structure of the fibers mean that warm air generated by the body is trapped by the fleece keeping you warm. Just as wearing garments in layers will trap the heat from your body-fleece, being a densely woven fabric will trap this heat with just one layer. Of course layering fleece garments will have the effect of trapping more body heat – keeping you warmer still. Fleece is great for all types of clothing and applications. Hoodies, jackets, gloves, scarves, hats, blankets and throws as well as pet bedding and warm jackets for dogs.
This is ideal for the winter months as it’s made up of Polyester and Cotton wadding to trap body heat between the layers. As well as it’s thermal and water resistant properties the fabric is also lightweight, providing comfort and mobility when used for jackets and over shirts.
Lastly, we have luxurious, soft and warm wool. A mix of Wool and Polyester also has its benefits as it makes this fabric a warm, durable fabric. Ideal for winter garments as well as upholstery, curtains, poker & games tables, uniforms & berets amongst
Wool has excellent durability. It will not fray over the years with wear. So, keep warm and dry this winter in amazing wool materials.

At Weave It we have a lot to offer and only look out for our client’s best interests. So call us today about the best winter fabrics available.