Fabrics are both inspiring and innovative. They help to set the theme of each line. Each season, fabric designers and mills create new color palettes, weaves and textures, fiber blends and printing techniques, lending fashion direction for the coming season. Sourcing the best fabric can be challenging.

Feeling a little overwhelmed already? Here’s the good news. Today, there’s much more for the independent designer to work with than even a couple of years ago. There are very high quality knits that are moderate in price. For instance, if you are looking for lightweight woven cotton for shirts and blouses, the selection is fairly endless. Items that used to be impossible can now be sourced with quality and continuity at merchantable prices. Moreover, minimums in many cases have also become more manageable. However, you should expect to pay more for small quantities as you’re performing your product development.

We guide our clients in choosing the right fabrics for their product to achieve the desired finished product and price point. Starting with reliable and knowledgeable sources, and looking for these 5 items will save you a lot of heartache and money as you move through the design and production process. Always remember Affordability, functionality, testing, availability and sustainability. Where you purchase your sample fabric, it is just as important as what you are purchasing. Call us at Weave It today for more information and guidance in providing you with the fabric and service you need.