The main aim of Weave It, textile and clothing industry is to use all the natural, human and technological resources at its disposal to make it the preferred international and local supplier of textiles and apparel. Although the industry is small, it is well placed to make this vision a reality. Our fabrics are of the best quality and are long lasting. But fashion and times change and the question is what to do with the old fabrics? Here are a few ideas to keep fabrics in the home but in a different form.


Transforming old clothes or pieces of materials into bags. Old shirts sleeves can become a cute bag. T-shirts made of cotton or jersey fabric can become a washable grocery bag. Up cycle your old curtains and bed sheets to give your home a fresh look. For example, old curtains can be transformed into a kid’s play teepee that your kids could enjoy for years to come. Just using a sewing machine, old curtains or sheets and a few dowels. Wool blankets can be transformed into warm coats and old T-shirts or denims into rugs.


At Weave It we dedicate our time in providing the best textiles in the country, so why not transform those everlasting material in something that will still have a presence in your home, work environment or even as a gift from one person to another.