2019 delivered incredible trends in the fabrics industry, It was a year of change where sustainability has become a global priority. This year we saw ethically sourced products, natural textiles and fabric designs that mimicked natural materials. Thanks to drastic technological changes resulting in increased quantity and quality of fabrics, as well as a decrease in overhead, the fabric manufacturing industry is fast changing. The Industry has committed to the 3 R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle. Globally big steps have been taken as the textile industries have committed to using less water, hazardous chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, adapting and eco-friendly production process.

Sustainability is more than just the use of organic cotton and better working conditions. The consumption of water, energy and chemicals poses challenges for textile companies at every stage of the value chain. Every day we encounter textiles in many different forms – as clothes, carpets, towels, seat covers or medical aids. Until a finished product is produced, it passes through several production stages and often covers thousands of kilometers. The materials used for a textile determines the structure of the value chain and supply chain, as well as the possibilities for recycling. The additional different materials and chemicals used, adds to the difficulty of recycling and later becomes higher consumption of resources.

Recently, sustainability has become a foremost trend in the textile industry. Consumers are better informed and increasingly expect ecologically and socially acceptable products and thus sustainable solutions in the textile industry. Manufacturers are increasingly committed to tapping innovation potential and promoting sustainable development. Sustainability strategies range from sustainable designs and the use of innovative materials and processes to the optimization of resource consumption and recycling. However, the social and environmental challenges in the global textile value chain can only be solved if politics, business and civil society pull together

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