China sneezes. South Africa gets a cold. With the Coronavirus spreading like wildfire there is no telling what is safe and what is not. However with major manufacturing outputs hamstrung by the coronavirus, South Africa has an opportunity to review what it imports and capacitate local industries to secure the supply chain of local products. Here at Weave It we are committed to manufacture and produce our own local fabrics. We are committed and stand by the president as we implement all the necessary sanitary precautions and still provide our customers with the best possible fabric.
While we do not in any way celebrate what has befallen China, and like the rest of the world we join in sending our sympathies and hopes for a speedy end to the infection, we have to recognize that it exposes the vulnerabilities of markets to single-supplier sources and offers opportunities to others to strengthen their own domestic capabilities.
As retailers and manufacturers we remind you to keep in mind that there is misleading information in the press. If you have any queries or questions we are always available. Speak to us at Weave it for the best information regarding our textiles and how we go about keeping the virus contained