Beyond the work being done at the government and sectorial levels to increase the awareness level of workers, Weave It have taken the initiative to also reduce the number of workers by half to ensure social distancing whist also providing additional buses for transportation services to and from work. Temperature measurement and mandatory hand wash of workers upon entry and leaving as well as distribution of PPE material is also being carried out.

Over all despite the efforts of Ministry of Health and IPDC on raising awareness for the workers at the industrial parks, majority of the managers emphasized that there is still work to be done in informing workers on the preventive measure to mitigate the spread of the virus.  The need to set up testing facility and quarantine protocol in the case of COVID-19 suspected case with in the industrial parks was also highlighted by textile companies.

We at Weave It not only have our customer’s best interest at heart but make sure our employees are safe and are capable to provide you with only the best. For more information please contact Weave It.