Continuing to look at the services that we offer here at Weave It. Fabrics are both inspiring and innovative. They help to set the theme of each line. Each season, fabric designers and mills create new colour palettes, weaves and textures, fibre blends and printing techniques, lending fashion direction for the coming season. We guide our clients in choosing the right fabrics for their product to achieve the desired finished product and price point. We look at 5 main items that will save you a lot of heartache and money as you move through the design and production process. Affordability, functionality, testing, availability and sustainability. Here at weave It we pride ourselves in being affordable, helping you chose the perfect right suited fabric for the correct function and making sure that fabric is durable and of the highest quality.
In a world of individual tastes, Weave It specializes in custom tailored solutions for our discerning clients. We understand that need for something different, something unique, something that stands out and something exclusive that only our clients would have. We have the talent, experience and knowledge to take a designer’s vision and make it a reality. We make digital images, strikes offs and work hand in hand with our clients to ensure our clients vision is accurately realized. Weave It takes pride in taking into account the smallest of details and meeting price targets for our clientele.