Commission Twisting

Commission twisting or converting of yarn is an outsourced yarn manufacturing step in yarn processing where spun or filament yarn is converted from the basic commodity form into a specific processed or partially processed form by a contract manufacturer.  In a commission program the customer purchases the flat, or unprocessed yarn from the yarn spinner or fibre producer for delivery to the yarn converter company for processing. The processed yarn is then shipped ready to use to the purchaser, saving processing time movement and waste. We delight ourselves in participating in loads of commission weaving. We find it extremely satisfying to know that our clients are happy and satisfied. As South Africa’s leading textile manufacturers we make it our top priority to ensure that our clients know what they want, the reason they want that particular fabric and making sure they are informed enough to make a decision to ensure that their happiness lasts.

Weave It is invested in their customers choices and will stop at nothing to provide only the best advice and critique when choosing the best fabric and colour. At Weave It we maintain our persistent and growing popularity in the marketplace due to our large industry presence, manufacturing rate and our diverse fabrics. Fabrics are a part of our everyday lives. Whether it is the clothes we wear, the bedding we sleep in, the covered car seats of our cars or upholstery, it forms an important part of our day. The manufacturing of cotton fabrics starts with the preparation of the yearn for weaving or knitting. The second step in the production process involves joining these individual threads together, this is known as weaving. After the fabric is woven is ready for the final step; processing. The fabric you see on a daily basis such as fresh sheets or the clothes you wear isn’t the freshly woven product but rather what comes after. Afterwards its finally ready to be shipped to clothing and textile manufacturers.