Textile Industry

The Fabric and textile industry had slowed down in the initial stages of COVID but is now showing signs of recovery. The great shutdown had disproportionately affected the apparel and textile industry. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented public health crisis that has exerted an external shock on the global economy. Despite this contraction, the textile and apparel industry could be a key engine for growth and employment in certain countries.

During the hard lock down, introduced for the first time on March 27, fashion retailers had to shut their stores to comply with Covid-19 regulations. This closure led to job losses in the industry and forced businesses to restructure their operations to survive
While the blow has been severe, Weave It is not taking it lying down. It has had to adapt and find innovative ways to sustain itself through the pandemic. Our focus is now more than ever to supply our clients with the best quality products in a safe manner. As South Africa’s leading textile manufacturer we are here to give our client the best of the best