Happy New year!  It is 2022 and with a new year come many demands and new trends that everyone just must have. At Weave It we are dedicated to customer service so no matter how busy the new year may be, we continue to strive to give each client individual attention.

Weave It is the manufacturers of filtration and industrial fabrics. We manufacture products including 100% cotton canvasses that are used in numerous industries for many different applications. Aside from this, we also provide great quality filtration products and fabrics used in applications ranging from oil filtration, dust filtration and wax filtration.

As a leading cotton manufacturer in South Africa we produce all our products meticulously. Our team of experts always pays close attention to detail and ensures that you receive only the very best possible product in the end. Many different industries use our weaves, including the industrial and mining sectors, as well as the fashion and art industries. Contact us to discuss all your cotton weave requirements.