Bull Denim is a soft, durable fabric that is often used for home decor, upholstery and apparel, but it’s ultimately a very diverse fabric. Weave Its bull denim is a natural pre-shrunk 100% cotton fabric that is tightly woven perfect for slip covers and upholstery. It has a unique 3/1 twill construction. The fabric takes dyes well and is machine washable. The finished fabric is sanforised so you can expect minimal shrinkage. Our 100% cotton bulldenim is offered in various weights from 270gsm – 460gsm.

Its end uses includes:

Tote bags


Curtaining and draping

General apparel
And more!

As the leading manufacturer of industrial fabrics in South Africa. Weave It manufacture materials that are used in various applications from filtration fabrics, mining, safety products, curtaining and upholstery as well as workwear and clothing. At Weave it we use the latest manufacturing processes and technologies, and still keep our prices competitive. We are very proud of our long history of service in the industry and look forward to provide our customers with only the finest. To learn more about us, speak to us today.