Weave it offer a wide range of technical industrial and filtration fabric used in the mining, filtration and industrial sectors.

Our filtration fabrics have been technically developed and mastered over the years to ensure the fabric properties meet the exact specific requirement. Our inhouse capabilities enable hands on monitoring of this from start to finish, ensuring specific control of the properties of each cloth. These inhouse capabilities of our factory include the following:

Twisting machines – enabling us to twist yarns to the exact specific requirement.

Heavy duty weaving machines – allowing us to weave tight, thick fabrics.

Fabric weight testing – checking the grams per square metre of each fabric and ensuring it is acceptable and within specification.

Shirley air perm testing – to check that the air permeability of each fabric is within specification.

Calendering and heat treating fabric – a finishing process used to smoothen a cloth, the fabric is passed through rollers at high temperatures.

Chemical treatment line – capable of padding chemicals on a fabric to enhance its properties, such as water repellancy and flame retardancy.

Our filtration fabric range includes 100% cotton, 100% polypropylene, polycotton, nylon and acrylic.

Cotton constructed fabrics are used for wax and dust filtration, usually applied in neutral solutions.

Polypropylene constructed fabric is extensively used in liquid-solid filtration and chemical metal.

Polyester fabric is typically used in chemical, dust, cement and acid refining.

Our industrial fabric range includes light weight fine open weave fabrics such as scrim cloth as well as heavy coarse tightly woven fabrics such as canvas. Our industrial fabrics also include geotextiles, reinforcement fabric, and tyre retread liners.