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As South Africa’s leading fabric supplier we offer various cloth types for artist materials. We pride ourselves in providing artists with products of distinct quality. Although cotton duck is a popular common choice, we have various cloth types that includes 100% cotton and synthetic polyester. Polyester cloth has become increasingly popular as it is a tighter cloth stretch with a finer weave which allows the artist to enjoy the full extent of the canvas no matter what materials they use. Our canvas is an extremely popular product which is made from natural cotton. Each weight range has been specifically developed so that we may offer our clients a selection of fabrics with different attractive characteristics. These varying characteristics allow us to fulfill a range of needs; the stretch-ability of the canvas is perfect for artists using wooden frames to create their own framed canvasses.

Minimum ordering quantity 50m

We offer the following 100% cotton canvas plain weave fabrics:

Our artist canvas range is one of our most desired ranges. We offer various options for the art industry

  • 100% cotton/ duck
  • 100% polyester
  • Polycotton

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