Project Description


Both natural and synthetic materials are used in the manufacturing of industrial fabrics.

Cotton filter cloths will swell in alkali solutions to create a better gasket effect during filtration. Cotton also produces no pollution to filtration, and we choose only the best Cotton Manufacturers for all our products. Polyprop has excellent resistance to most acids and alkali, fibres when calendered create a smooth fabric surface allowing for excellent cake release in end use. Polyester fabric have good resistance to chemicals, abrasion and dry heat degradation. They also have excellent dimensional stability and high tensile strength. We also offer 100% acrylc, 100% Nylon Acrylic and polycotton used in filtration/ industrial sectors. We also offer polyprop and polyester materials for all your industrial needs. Polyprop canvas – 100% polyprop 450gsm offered in various weaves, with a great canvas feel. Offered in solid colors or stripes. Great for upholstery and hammocks. Used for indoor or outdoor. Minimum order 500m

Minimum ordering quantity 50m

We offer the following polyester fabrics:

  • Riptech
  • Polyester canvas
  • Acrylic canvas
  • Polyprop canvas