Project Description


Riptech has been designed to deal with the harsh climatic conditions throughout South Africa. It is made for quality and performance and is an acrylic treated Polyester ripstop canvas which is waterproof, UV resistant and fungal resistant. The end uses includes tents, awnings, bags, covers and so much more that will exceed your expectations. Riptech canvas has evolved over the decades through extensive testing and continual improvements from feedback not only from African countries but Australia as well. It is offered in a 300, 400 and 500gsm in various colours. The minimum order is 50m. End uses include tents, awnings, bags, covers etc.

Minimum ordering quantity 50m

Our Riptech canvas range is 100% polyester and is acrylic coated. It is offered in 300, 400 and 500gsm in various colours and widths. This fabric is waterproof, UV resistant and fungi resistant. Ideal for tents, awnings, covers, bags and more.

  • 300 Riptech
  • 400 Riptech
  • 500 Riptech
  • Aluminised Silver Riptech

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