Workwear Fabric

We offer various compositions and weaves for workwear fabric offering comfort, quality and durability.

Our range includes the following:

100% Cotton

100% Cotton is comfortable and is strong and breathable. Cotton is easy to wash and can be ironed at high temperatures, it also doesn”t stick to the skin. Workwear made from 100% cotton is a must for staff working near ember.

We offer the following: 130gsm cotton calico, 150gsm cotton plain weave, 230gsm cotton twill, 270gsm cotton bull denim, 300gsm cotton ripstop, 12oz cotton denim as well as 100% cotton canvas offered from 270gsm – 510gsm.

100% Polyester

Polyester is also a popular choice due to its moisture wicking properties and low shrinkage. Polyester is hardwearing, quick drying and resistant to many chemicals and micro-organisms. Polyester has a harsher feel to it than cotton which has a soft handle.

We offer the following: 100% polyester twill 200gsm, 100% polyester ripstop 285gsm


Polycotton is a popular choice as it offers the ‘best of both worlds’. It is not as harsh feeling as 100% polyester but also has a low shrinkage. When blended with polyester, blended cotton fabric contributes more strength, abrasion-resistance, fast, and wrinkle-resistance. Ideal for medium and heavy-duty working in exposed conditions, providing excellent durability and comfort, our polycotton fabrics include: 200gsm 80/20 polycotton twill, 230gsm 65/35 polycotton twill, 250gsm 65/35 polycotton ripstop and a 250gsm 60/40 polycotton canvas.


It is a rugged cotton twill fabric, and though it is not quite as durable as cotton duck, it is a little more comfortable Since our Denim made from 100% cotton, it is natural and breathable. The thick weave of this fabric makes it highly resistant to abrasions and tears. We offer a 12oz Indigo Cotton Denim.

We are also able to offer finishes on these fabrics such flame retardant.

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