Woven fabric manufacturer and supplier

Weave It is a local fabric manufacturer and supplier based in New Germany, near Pinetown in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal. As a leading fabric manufacturer, established in February 1990, Weave It cumulatively over 30 years of experience, skill and training. We produce high-end industrial and filtration fabric for the industrial and mining sector as well as 100% cotton and polycotton materials for other applications. For years we have worked hard to establish ourselves and our reputation to become a leading fabric manufacturer and supplier in South Africa.

Weave It specializes in 5 main product categories:

  • 100% Cotton Canvas
  • Industrial & Filtration technical Constructed
  • Home Fabrics
  • Workwear Fabrics
  • Coated Fabrics

Another service that we offer is a custom developed fabric service. For more information on how we can bring your sample ideas to life please feel free to contact us. Please note that we can only assist you if it is within our technical range capability.

Commission twisting, warping and weaving services is also something you can find here at Weave It, South Africa’s local fabric manufacturers.

As Local fabric manufacturers and suppliers we are proud to produce over 60 different product variations within our well-equipped manufacturing plant.

Our state of the art plant is divided into five main divisions:

  • Twisting 
  • Warping 
  • Weaving
  • Finishing
  • Inspection & Quality Control


Yarn is a continuous strand of staple or filament fibers arranged in a form suitable for weaving, knitting, or other form of fabric assembly. Almost all our yarns are sourced from local suppliers in single or already plied yarns, in a variety of tex and denier ranges. Our preparation department is equipped with machinery with the capability to twist medium to course yarn counts, including assembling of multiplied yarns and winding machines producing parallel and conical packages. We do offer commission yarn winding and twisting of certain yarn types. These are just some of the reasons we are the leading Industrial Fabric Manufacturers.


Here the yarns from different cones are combined together to form a sheet. The importance in warping is to preserve the yarn elongation and maintain it at uniform level. This increases the performance during weaving in terms of low end breakage rate


Weaving is the process of combining warp and weft yarns to make a woven fabric. The lengthwise yarns are called warp; and crosswise yarns are called weft. Most woven fabrics are made with selvages on the sides, which avoids unravelling. Our weaving plant is equipped with rigid and flexible Rapier and Picanol weaving looms. These are heavy duty industrial weaving machines with adaptions and additions that allow us to handle a wide range of various fabric constructions from lightweight synthetics to heavy weight cottons.


In house calendering and heat treatment machines capable for setting fabrics to requirements. Calendering is used to smoothen a fabric often used as finish in filtration fabrics. Chemical treatment line allowing for coating of fabrics such as water repellancy, FR and others. External dyehouse are used for scouring and dying of fabrics.


Here the fabric is visually inspected and examined, searching for flaws and irregularities in the cloth as well as ensuring the properties of the cloth are within specification. The fabric is then graded as per its quality level in terms of fabric weight, shading color, number, and size of the defects

Our typical ranges:

Cotton: 150gsm – 640gsm

Synthetic: 120gsm – 800gsm

Air Permeabilities: tightly woven filtration of 0/50 metric to infinite open weave scrim cloths.

Weaves: plain, hopsack, twill, bulldenim, herringbone, sateen and more.

Widths: 20cm – 254cm

Roll lengths: 50m / 100m / 300m batching

Minimum orders: 50 – 100m for stock items / 500m non stock items / 500 – 1000m for custom developed

  • Industries Served – We supply our specialized materials to a variety of industries. From heavy sectors such as mining and manufacture.
  • Technical Consultants – Our technical consultants partner with you. identifying the best fabric solutions for your specific applications and needs.

Weave It is situated close to national highways and is easily accessible for deliveries and customer visits, where you will find the best quality fabrics at affordable prices.